SNF Hub (Search and File Hub) is a Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company that pioneers in Intellectual Property Research. Founded by highly experienced professionals, SNF has a mixed team of young and experienced talent that gives us a unique edge over others. We strongly believe that in addition to good quality and timely delivery of services, being honest and ethical are important ingredients for success of our business.

SNF offers solutions in the areas of IP protection, IP research and IP commercialization. Our solutions cover the entire spectrum of IP lifecycle, enabling us to act as a virtual IP department for our clients. We offer a combination of customized and tailor made intellectual property and business solutions services to our clients.

We ensure confidentiality of our clients’ information through high end technology measures, and strong legal instruments. We protect digital information through strong data encryption and redundancy measures.

We are committed to understand our clients’ needs, objectives and their business goals for advising on the right approach to achieve the intended goals of our clients.

Our client portfolio consists of corporations, individuals, law firms, patent attorneys, investors, startups, IP brokerage firms and academic institutions. With our team of engineers and technologists we cater the needs of the varied industries in providing expert advise and consulting by providing facts so as to enable our clients to take informed decisions for their business.

We understand your technical domain and we’ll invest our time into understanding your venture. Your technology prototypes, ideas, innovations, and those of your competitors, will decide the future of your business venture. We’ll work hand in hand with you to guide your business through your patent and intellectual property issues now, and in the future.