Competitor Analysis

A competitor patent portfolio analysis involves an in-depth study of the key competitors, their technologies, patent portfolios, patenting trends, product pipeline, niche technologies, licensing opportunities, and protection from infringement and litigation liabilities, SWOT Analysis, etc.

We help you keep track of Top-notch firms, competitors and research groups worldwide. We also focus on key technologies so that you will always know who has been active in research and development areas that are important to you.

In a world where every company wants to be on the forefront of innovation, the need to explore underserved markets or businesses that are outside their core becomes all the more important. A white space analysis helps to uncover these unmet and unarticulated needs to create innovation. This kind of analysis is done to find technology voids where competitive advantage can be gained by bending the R&D in a particular direction so as to block other competitors exploiting those spaces.