• On Demand / Project Based

In this model, after reviewing the request, we provide cost estimates and final delivery timelines,. The model is especially useful for our Law firm clients who don’t have regular work. The invoices are sent after the completion of the project or on monthly basis in case of long term projects.

This model works on instructions received from the clients on a specific research/project and delivery of desired results within a given timeline.

Customized pricing for the projects based on a clearly defined scope and methodology

Most suitable for pilot projects and individual large assignments.


  • Full Time Equivalent Model (FTE)

In this model, each client has its own dedicated team, so you and your team will work with same people consistently. This team becomes virtual extension to your own team. Over a period, the team is well versed and trained as per client’s own requirements and standards. The model offers significant cost savings, with a fixed monthly cost.

Based on the requirement, the client can opt for FTE engagement model wherein pre-determined man-hours, possessing the relevant domain expertise, are dedicated exclusively to client’s project FTE is a set-up for longer engagements.

Significantly cost-effective. Client has assured availability of resources.

Most suitable for clients who have large and sustained work flow. Client has direct access and control over projects.


  • Offshore Resource Centre (ORC)

ORC is an extension of Client’s office within SNF’s facility. An ORC for a client is involved in research activities, on an on-going basis with direct reporting to clients. It is a model for clients who like to have separate facility, within SNF, with their set of systems, processes and access control.

Most cost-effective Customizable infrastructure, methodology and compliance to meet client-specific requirements.

High applicability when there is predictable demand, requirement for expertise and specific infrastructure.

This allows for a high degree of customization and results in high levels of end user satisfaction. Also, the monthly cost per person will be fixed and would be determined on the basis of the qualifications, experience and domain expertise required.