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SNF Hub (Search and File Hub) is a Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company that pioneers in Intellectual Property Research. Founded by highly experienced professionals, SNF has a mixed team of young and experienced talent that gives us a unique edge over others. We strongly believe that in addition to good quality and timely delivery of services, being honest and ethical are important ingredients for success of our business.

SNF offers solutions in the areas of IP protection, IP research and IP commercialization. Our solutions cover the entire spectrum of IP lifecycle, enabling us to act as a virtual IP department for our clients. We offer a combination of customized and tailor made intellectual property and business solutions services to our clients.

We ensure confidentiality of our clients’ information through high end technology measures, and strong legal instruments. We protect digital information through strong data encryption and redundancy measures.

  • Vision

    SNF wants to be the first choice of its clients and to be a leading IP services company globally recognized for excellence in IP services.

  • Mission

    We strive to develop an in-depth understanding of each client’s business and enable our clients to maximize their potential for creating innovative technologies and the value they derive from it through cutting edge and integrated IP services.

  • Quality Assurance

    To meet the agreed requirements of the customer in time and consistently, by constantly investing in employee development and process improvement, leading to continual quality improvement “.

    Policies and procedures for IT security and business continuity in place, we are regularly audited by third party for compliance. We also have Electronic and physical security in all the facilities.

    Our focus on the Comprehensive Conflict Check procedures & Personnel trained in Client Confidentiality by US Attorneys.


Years of practice as an IP services company and experience of our team help us understand your business and effectively deliver on our requirements.

Our team includes scientists, patent agents, attorneys, paralegals and former patent examiners – individuals with highly specialized backgrounds and many years of experience within their fields. We are able to maintain the highest standards of quality, confidentiality and accountability.

We believe our success is directly attributable to the abilities and willingness of our team to please customers.

The core of our success in creating a sustainable business is ultimately our values: delivering the highest quality, being global, focusing on talent, being value-driven, and acting professionally

We employ cutting-edge technology systems to improve our processes and efficiency. In consultation with our clients, we have developed consummate systems, which are par-excellence. Technical expertise is only one aspect which sets us apart. Our process improvement experts have examined how to provide best-in-class service to our clients.

Our experts put timely delivery on the forefront, the projects timelines are strictly adhered to and an iterative approach to project execution is adopted

Our clients span the entire spectrum of IP owners. We have worked for multinational companies, research institutions, emerging businesses, universities and individual creators. No company is too small and no portfolio is too large for our staff of highly trained and well-rounded techno-legal professionals.

We are an intellectual property services company that has forged global relationships and developed an international reach through all corners of the world. We serve major industries and provide comprehensive intellectual property services to geographically spread businesses.

What others say about us

USA Based Company

“ We have received your final report with many thanks. We found it to be valuable in anticipating or making the patent in issue obvious. Again, we appreciate your teamwork and dedication. ”

USA Based Company
  China Based Law Firm

“ We have been actively involved on various IP related projects with SNF HUB, and we have been satisfied with their high level of professionalism, approach to work and would highly recommend their prior art search services. We are satisfied with the results and would highly recommend them for prior art searches. ”  

China Based Law Firm
Germany Based Company

“The quality of their patent services is equal to if not better than anything available at any cost. The level of service simply can’t be equaled. They went above and beyond for our company on patent drafting and patent filing in US & PCT. Since you’ve been fortunate enough to find them do yourself and your company a favor and choose them. You will not regret it. As far as patents it will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Germany Based Company
 Sweden Based Company

“I was extremely happy with the level of professionalism and skill that their team exhibited on patent support services. Moreover their responses were on time. I therefore unreservedly recommend SNF HUB to inventors and organizations requiring patent services in India & abroad.

Sweden Based Company


    • Professionals with Industry Experience and IP Training for quick understanding and implementation of necessitated response
    • Conducting customized workshops for harnessing innovations and developing in house IP Skills.
    • Advising strategies on optimizing the IP Budget to get maximum advantage from Patent filing.
    • Thorough management of Patent portfolios through timely reminders and updates.
    • We have in-house virtual building block libraries
    • 24*7 Support, whenever required.
    • Discussion call before initiating any project
    • Asian language search capabilities
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